I am writing this letter because of my appreciation for what you have done for me. I have suffered for 12 years with a lower back problem that has gotten increasingly worse, at times stopping me from working and participating in sports. I had chiropractic treatment in the United Kingdom, which worked at the time, but was not lasting.

John, a work colleague recommended you because she knew one of your students. As I trusted her judgment, I made my first appointment with you. As a sensitive and open person I quickly know if I can trust someone. After just 2 visits, I felt I should pursue my treatment with you, though I was still unsure about the real possibility of success because I knew nothing about Chiropractic Applied Kinesiology.

After 7 months, and 20+ visits, my back is in great shape and has been now. I learned through the treatment process just how sensitive the body can be over time. When you start correcting the body it uncovers other things that are out of balance; things that the body as been compensating for and leaving me unaware of.

I feel my relationship and treatment with you has been totally positive experience, one for which I am very thankful. I have more movement in my back now that I have had in a long time. Now I don't have to think twice about playing golf anymore!

Your professionalism, the science of Applied Kinesiology and my positive approach has brought me to a state of well-being, I wish to maintain now and in my future.

Thank you most sincerely. I could not have arrive at this point without your help.

Peter Collett

Helped heal my pain in my lower back and neck. Outstanding doctor.

-Daniyel A.

During the course of my treatment with Dr. Sherman (since Dec 1999), he has helped me significantly with the following problems: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, migraine headaches; muscular stiffness: arthritis in neck and lower back pain stemming from car and martial arts accidents; chronic low-grade depression; stomach & intestinal discomfort. Additionally, Dr. Sherman is now helping me recover from a slight whiplash, concussion and back strain I'm experiencing as a result of a recent car accident.

I would estimate that I was troubled for six or seven years for the back problems, two to three for the migraines and approx 17 years for the Chronic Fatigue.

I saw about 6 other doctors, including other chiropractors who were too rough and caused more pain, and an acupuncturist who was helpful. Frequent use of over-the-counter painkillers - aspirin, Advil, etc. became a daily necessity for me. I often had to take sick from work, and frequently missed special occasions due to migraines.

My migraines are all but gone. I've had a couple since beginning of treatment, almost a year ago, and I used to get them frequently (every 2 weeks or so), I feel that AK is especially of benefit because of its effective diagnostic ability. Using the muscle testing, Dr. Sherman is able to tell during my visit what is at the root of the problem and treat it immediately. AK is also applicable to emotional issues. I think his chiropractic techniques are much less intrusive and abrupt than many "traditional" chiropractors. He does not "force" an adjustment like some. Additionally, Dr. Sherman has been able to help in other ways with dietary and lifestyle advice. In summary, Dr. Sherman works with the body to bring it into alignment using all of the techniques at his disposal. I feel that this course of treatment has significantly assisted me and will continue to assist me in the regaining better health. It is my understanding that my testimonial will be used to encourage others who may suffer unnecessarily.

Jill-Anna Welker


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