Pediatric Care From Our Brentwood and West LA Chiropractor

When you think of pediatric care for your children, you may envision general checkups, vaccinations, and treatment for colic or ear infections -- but do you have chiropractic care on your list? Regular chiropractic wellness exams and adjustments can have an enormous positive impact on your children's well being. Here at BAC To Health Chiropractic Lifestyle, our Brentwood and West LA chiropractor can see to it that your little ones enjoy the best possible spinal alignment, nerve function, and overall health.

How Kids Benefit From Chiropractic Care

Children can benefit from chiropractic care from the first few hours of life. That's because the passage through the birth canal is not an easy one, and a newborn's fragile musculoskeletal system can be pushed out of alignment as a result. Fortunately, pediatric chiropractic adjustments are so subtle and gentle that even these new arrivals can receive them safely. Of course, that alignment can easily get bumped out of balance again and again as babies crawl, fall, and stumble their way through their formative years. It's critical that such imbalances get corrected; even a slight misalignment could interfere with a child's weight distribution, balance, coordination, and the nerve function that governs so many of their physical systems. Pedicatric chiropractic adjustments can help children feel better, move better, grow and develop more normally, and resist childhood issues such as colic and ear infections.

When your children start going to school, they encounter a whole new set of challenges. Heavy, unbalanced backpacks and school sports can threaten spinal alignment and comfort. Chiropractic care can help make your kids get through their school years in good musculoskeletal health

Screenings, Adjustments, and Advice From Our Pediatric Chiropractor

Our pediatric chiropractor, Dr. Sherman, knows how to put little patients at ease in our comfortable clinic. Over time, your kids will absorb more and more knowledge from us about the benefits of chiropractic care, setting the stage for a lifetime of better health as they make their own wellness decisions. Your school-aged kids will benefit from annual screenings that let us correct any little irregularities that might turn into painful alignment problems. We'll also provide your children with helpful advice on how to wear their backpacks safely and maintain good posture. We can even screen for scoliosis and advise you of any treatment that might be necessary.

Bring Your Kids to BAC To Health Chiropractic Lifestyle

Your Brentwood or West LA kids are never too young to start receiving the care they need to live a happy, healthy life. Call BAC To Health Chiropractic Lifestyle at (310) 888-8762!


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