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How you feel affects everything you do. When you’re in pain, it becomes hard to enjoy the activities you love. At BAC To Health Chiropractic, we are dedicated to helping you live your best life through a series of holistic treatments and wellness programs. Consider it as our way of giving you back the ability to spend time doing your favorite activities, spending time with family and friends, and to genuinely feel great.

Your Trusted Chiropractor in West LA and Brentwood Area

Dr. John G. Sherman is your trusted chiropractor in the West Los Angeles and Brentwood, CA, area. With over twenty years of experience, he is the founder of the Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic Center of Beverly Hills. In 2013, he acquired BAC To Health as an extension of his existing practice.

He’s worked with professional golfers, hockey players, minor league baseball players, and other high-level athletes. In addition, he’s been a consultant for NBC News and treated dozens of well-known authors, actors, and musicians. This is in addition to the hundreds of other doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals he's also helped. Additionally, Dr. Sherman is a nationally recognized lecturer and instructor who has taught and lectured at Cleveland Chiropractic College.

Comprehensive Array of Services Designed for Whole Body Wellness

We are committed to helping heal the entire body, not just treat symptoms. That means we work to help you make lifestyle changes to eliminate back pain, knee pain, neck pain, and other associated issues. In our eyes, it is better to treat the whole body with an approach to wellness instead of just masking isolated pain.

Our team also specializes in helping athletic and active individuals with a variety of ailments, including knee injuries, chronic back pain, and more. We offer everything from corrective chiropractic care to wellness services, including adrenal stress testing, Applied Kinesiology, deep tissue laser therapy, orthotics, and more. We also provide an array of services for expectant mothers through prenatal chiropractic care and pediatric services for children.

Why Choose BAC to Health?

We know there are a bunch of other chiropractic centers in Southern California for you to choose from. At BAC To Health our team understands your wellness is important and we are proud to make it our top priority. It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, active or inactive, in pain or just maintaining, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you feel your best.

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