Dr. Sherman is the best chiropractor I have ever met! A few years ago I had a car accident which I found out caused two discs in my low back to be slightly removed. Then I found out I have a bit of a scoliosis. The chiropractor I went to at that time just put me on an electrical stem to open up my muscles but I was always still in pain and it never seemed to correct the problem. When I met Dr. Sherman, he told me exactly what was going on with my back and just after a few times of starting with him I started feeling better, the tingling and numbness from my leg has disappeared and I can stand straight again and feel so good!

Also since the accident I have been having a lot of headaches in which I used to take Tylenol a lot when it would get really bad. Seeing Dr. Sherman regularly has taken my headaches away and I have not taken a pill in a long time! I also learned that I needed to modify my diet and with all of this together, I have way more energy during the day, I sleep so good at night and I am pain free!

Sigal Gold

After a car accident when I was 12 years old, I started to suffer from pain in the lower back. Growing up, the pain traveled up into the neck, shoulders, left arm, and left hand. The doctors ran many tests and gave me painkillers. At the age of 21, I developed continuous migraine.

For 16 years I took many painkillers to treat the migraines, which I would get one to three times a week.

I came to see Dr. Sherman for my back and neck pain, but I never thought he would be able to help me with those migraines, which after all these years I had gotten used to.

Thanks to Doctor Sherman, he not only helped me with my neck and back pain, but also with my migraine. After receiving his bi-weekly chiropractic treatments, I do not suffer from lower back and feel much healthier.

Also, I have to avoid certain foods. but I do not need to take six or eight pills to be able to function on a daily basis.

Catherine Calabrese


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