Success Stories for BAC To Health Chiropractic Lifestyle

1st time in a long time able to run/sprint/jog for 30 minutes 95% pain free. 
Thank you Doctor. No surgery for me   

- Marcus S.

“I recently went through the laser therapy and chiropractic treatment at BAC to Health with Dr. John Sherman and it is awesome! I had extreme pain in my right wrist, level 8, and after 1 treatment, no joke, the pain was gone! I was shocked. I would 100% recommend Dr. Sherman and the laser treatment to anyone. This guy is good.” 

– Tony S.

“During the new year celebration I started suffering from low back pain, it was so bad that within two days my wife describes me as looking like the letter "S" all twisted. I went to see Dr. John Sherman on January 4th and after examining me he found that my lower back pain was due to vertebral discs subluxation and treatment was required. My goal was to be able to walk normal again and to be able to play with my one year old son, I was able to walk normal again within 7-10 days and I am able to pick up my son and play with him rolling on the floor without any discomfort. I am very thankful for everything I have accomplished thus far in less than two moths of my three month treatment under the care of Dr. John Sherman at BAC to Health.”

 – Victor F.

“This doctor is amazing! I had serious issues with mold allergies, and the main symptom was brain fog, fatigue, and serious concentration problems. It was so bad that I got into car accidents due to my lack of concentration. Anytime it rained, I was in trouble. I prayed to God that I would find a doctor who could cure my mold allergies, and not just treat them. My other chiropractors/applied kinesiologists of the past were decent, but they did not know how to cure my mold allergies, and the treatments had limits. Dr. Sherman was recommended by a doctor who was too far away from LA for me to drive to. When I first saw him, he took an x-ray right away, and didn’t charge me for the x-ray. The x-ray results showed that I was at the borderline of Stage 1 & Stage 2 Scoliosis! I got into a car accident 10 years ago, but never sought medical treatment since it was relatively minor, but I learned that over time even a small, "seemingly insignificant" collision can cause problems internally in the body, and it can get worse over time, like in my case. I saw him 3 times per week, and his chiropractic adjustments helped my spine so much that my gastrointestinal tract started to function better. As a result, my G.I. Tract was now able to handle mold threats, and within 4-6 weeks I no longer had mold allergies! The proof of this was when it rained a few times (very heavily, including a day of El Nino weather), and I focused JUST FINE and had no brain fog either. Every time it rains, nothing bad happens to me anymore, which is a pleasant change from my painful past. I was cured of mold allergies within 4-6 weeks of first seeing him, and I had the blessing of finding out I had scoliosis so now I could deal with it before it gets worse. In addition, he was able to take me off of more than 50% of the supplements I was on with my other chiropractor. This happened within 8-10 weeks of first seeing him. I have saved a lot of money on treating my health, as a result. He has helped me a lot. He is very knowledgeable about applied kinesiology and chiropractic, and he has a very high level of expertise. I have seen him for over 6 months and my scoliosis continues to improve. Also, my focus and mood continues to get even better, and my supplements are decreasing in number and/or I am taking them less frequently per day because I don’t need them as much anymore. I would give him 10 out of 5 stars if I could. I would recommend him to anybody, and have even recommended him to strangers who I witnessed in car accidents or who noticeably had back problems or other health problems, since he’s well-versed in treating various health issues, as a professional applied kinesiologist. I'm a perfectionist, but this guy meets my expectations.” 

 - Ryan V.

“I've been going to BAC To Health for the past 6 months and have had a great experience. Dr. Sherman is a very knowledgeable and caring chiropractor. He is able to cater to your individual needs and put together a treatment plan suited specifically for your issues. My condition has improved tremendously during my time seeing Dr. Sherman and I look forward to continuing my visits going forward. I would highly recommend visiting Dr. Sherman for a consultation.” 

– Omair S.

“I've been a patient of Dr. Sherman for three years now and I feel fantastic. I came to him with sciatic nerve pain, ruptured disk pain and bad shoulders. I know, I have the spine of an egyptian pyramid builder. With time and repetition I felt great. It’s really changed my life to be pain free. Dr. Sherman is a great doctor and a great guy, every visit I had with him was a great experience.” 

– Leonard R.

“In June of 2015, my infant son and I were rear ended at high rate of speed. The impact pushed our car up under the box truck in front of us. When I stood up out of the car and went around to pull my son from his car seat, I knew that my quality of life would never be the same. The pain in my lower back was immediate and we were both taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital. The following week was a blur...pain, uncertainty, fear. I had seen a chiropractor in my area a couple times for a shoulder pain so I decided it would be best to start seeing him regularly. After a month I saw no improvement. He just wasn't providing the level of care I needed and I knew there was someone better. I did some research and found Dr. Sherman. I needed someone who was able to treat me as a WHOLE, not just someone who 'cracked' every patient the same way. After my first appointment with Dr. Sherman, I knew that he was different. Not only did I feel better right away, I had hope. He took x rays (more extensive than the hospital and previous chiropractor), he asked questions about my life, my family, my moods, hobbies, etc. At that time, depression was starting to rule my life and I was fearful. I wondered how long the pain in my back would keep me from my dream of having another child? I wondered how long my husband would stick around having to listening to me wince with simple movements and complain about not being able to complete simple household duties. Dr. Sherman had a plan. He encouraged me to set goals. Things that I used to take for granted before the accident, like sitting on the carpet with my son for more than a thirty minute period. When we first began, that seemed like an unreachable dream but Dr. Sherman assured me it was possible. Dr. Sherman uses Applied Kinesiology to treat his patients. This enables him to cater to each person's unique needs with each adjustment. I have never had an adjustment that is exactly the same as the one before. He is able to pick up on subtle changes in your body from week to week and takes his time with each patient. He also uses this technique to test supplements. I have had tests from an MD confirm what Dr. Sherman has already told me in terms of which vitamins my body needs and which would not be beneficial. It is actually quite amazing! Very recently, I was experiencing a pain in my left foot. I had this annoying, uncomfortable feeling all weekend and just figured I had stepped on it wrong. When I saw Dr. Sherman that Monday, I laid on the table as usual but told him nothing about the pain I had been experiencing for the last three days. He gently touches my wrist, then under my rib cage, and then proceeds to start taking off my left shoe! I said, "Oh my gosh, do you know that my foot has been hurting all weekend??" He just smiled and said, "Of course I know!" Best thing is that after the adjustment, the pain was gone. I would recommend Dr. Sherman to anyone. Whether you have suffered a traumatic injury, need to improve daily mobility, or need help with mood stabilization, he is a Dr. that is suited for all of your health needs. I am starting to get "me" back after this accident, and Dr. Sherman is the one to thank.” 

– Taylor R.

“I came in with a very frustrating knee and foot problem.  My physical activity had come to an unhealthy halt.  Dr. Sherman approached my issue as a whole body problem and happy to say I'm active again and continue to work on getting stronger!” 

– E.R.

“I have suffered from extreme hip pain and migraines for years. Dr. Sherman has been able to adjust my hips so that they no longer cause me any pain or feeling of constant pulling in my hip flexor. My neck pain has been decreasing in level of pain and frequency due to Dr. Sherman’s treatment. He has been able to adjust me during the middle of a severe migraine and was able to stop the migraine during the session by adjusting me! I also twisted my ankle but was able to see him the same day and the recovery was half the time compared to other ankle sprains I’ve had. He is very knowledgeable and has a great bed side manner, I have recommended him to my clients and family.”

 – S.M.


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